The Fora Studios Story

Hi there, I'm Lidia. I’m a lover of nature and the garden, of design, history as well as creative arts and crafts.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always observed the magnificent details in the natural world. As a kid, my best friend was my 2B pencil. I observed and I drew and this fed my own creativity and interest in other people’s work, including good old mother nature. 

Somewhere along the line, with the challenges of navigating career and life as a mum of a very active, bright special needs child, this inspiration waned. While all the yoga, meditation, and scented foots scrubs were lovely, they could only help so much… until I started to get out into the garden.

The Gardening Effect

The focused and cathartic nature of even the simplest garden task and the satisfaction of seeing it flourish (after many unintentional plant manslaughters) gave me the space to let the ideas flow once again.

Little by little, weed after weed, bloom after shoot after planting, that creative spark was reignited, my anxiety was quelled, and FORA was born. 

FORA's Mission

As a designer and former product developer in various consumer goods industries,  I've grown tired of the excessive consumption that has become the norm. I like nothing more than a visit to the nurseries near me.

My mission for FORA STUDIOS is to provide a safe place that expands our minds, not instills anxiety to buy, replace, buy. You are not just a consumer to us.

I wanted to curate a selection of hand-picked, long-lasting items that can inspire you to discover the natural world. And then to help you use that to unfurl your own creative nature, much like gardening did for me. What that creative nature is, only YOU know.

Our FORA team won't assume you know that Deadheading Roses is NOT a British Grunge band from the 90s, nor what Garden Glory hose holder one of the Kardashians has just posted. There's enough of that out there.

Creativity and nature have and always will be here to inspire you. We're just a medium to help you sort through the rubble as trends pass through in their ever-dizzying cycle.

We're here to help you shine, learn, retreat, revive or create. Whatever it is you need at the time.


I also wanted to create a hub of information for those wanting to learn more about nature, sustainability and creativity. The UN's 2030 Sustainability Goals are a set of goals we espouse here . We want everyone to get on board. I know there is more we can all do to take positive steps for the planet, our people and our economies too.

Find out more about our commitment to economic, environment and social sustainability here . Kids can definitely get involved and start learning about sustainability here. In fact they will be teaching us a thing or two very soon. 


What does FORA Mean?

FORA is Latin for "What is out of Doors". "Vai fuori" (go outside), my mum used to say to me, a lot.

Our goal here at FORA is to help you find the inspiration to UNFURL YOUR CREATIVE NATURE


Acknowledgement of Dharawal People

First Australians describe their relationship to the land as ‘connection to country’. We're only just beginning to understand this concept, and the science backs it up. I couldn’t begin this journey without acknowledging the Dharawal people, traditional custodians of the patch of Sydney where I potter about.  


Authenticity and Provenance

As much as possible, FORA collaborates with brands that exemplifying innovation, authenticity, history and craftmanship, and that are always looking to improve their sustainability practices. Because we are too.



Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you probably do, and we’ll help you find and nourish it. Just like nature, FORA STUDIOS is ever-evolving, so we’d love to know what’s inspiring you right now and what you’d like to see here.


Partnering and Career Opportunities

Right now, FORA is a bonsai size team of, well, me. Like any plant, with you, with sun, food and water, FORA will grow in size. So if you like what you are reading let us know how you'd like to partner with us.


Lidia Soulaine xx