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The Plant Runner TruckWe all had a life before plants. For Duncan Hilder, it was a lucrative career managing Sydney backpacker hostels. When he left to study horticulture and volunteer in local community planting initiatives he had chlorophyll well and truly in his veins.  For Dominic Hooghuis, the love of plants was there from childhood as he grew up on a lush family property. He studied horticulture at the same time as touring with a band called... Elephant Mojo. 

Lucky for us, Duncan and Dominic found each other when Duncan moved to Melbourne. After buying a 1968 International Harvester truck, they pulled apart, sanded, painted their green machine and ended up with Australia's first plant truck - The Plant Runner - and started touring Melbourne's markets with their mobile indoor plant nursery.

Once the boys gained a following, they knew they were onto something with their authentic brand and decided to develop their Indoor Plant Potting Mix Kit, their Indoor Plant Food and their non-chemical Neem Oil Leaf Shine and pest repellant.

You can't find a more authentic couple of plant dudes and we sure are happy to supply Forafiles with their innovative products.