All the Ways to Say


All The Way to Say Founders

All the ways to Say is a specialised paper goods brand based in France, founded in 2015 by Claire Leina, an illustrator, art director, and young mum. They are designed to help you to share love and joy, connect and reach out to others. Claire develops original collections, works on the color and designs combinations, and focuses on the highest quality materials available to create the finest products.

Much like Fora Studios, All the Ways to Say's world reflects Claire’s love for nature, plants, and travel inspired from her childhood spent abroad, from Brazil to Morocco, as well as Cameroon and Guinea. Add to this a few touches of humor, and poetry and you get ALL THE WAYS to say spirit.

Claire is assisted by her husband Jean-Charles, who manages the development of the company, and their little daughter, Tess, who is in charge to laugh and give them hugs when they need it. All the Ways to Say's envelopes are made from recycled paper and all paper goods are assembled with love in the studio.

All the Ways to Say prints and cards are designed and printed in France on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) papers.

1% for the Planet

All the Ways to Say give 1% of their sales back to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment through 1% for the Planet, created by PATAGONIA’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, in 2002.

Now consisting of 1800 members in 45 countries, including Australia,  1% for the Planet is an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment and understand that profit and loss are directly linked to its health. More still, they are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of industry.

1% for the Planet members, made up of small, medium and large companies as well as independent businesses, have given more than $270 million in support to approved environmental nonprofits.