It's easy to take gran, nonna, mum, wife or partner for granted. A gift, whether for a special occasion let's her know everything she does is appreciated.


Here are some ideas...

For a Crafty Mum

Think about what she likes to do, watch or read about? Ready to Craft DIY kits are a great way to introduce mum to a new craft without scaring her with a massive project that's never likely to be finished. For a beautifully crafted, yet handy gift, YOU could actually make her a new slimline purse or bag from J. Tanner Desconstructed.  Imagine telling her that you took the time to make it yourself. Don't worry, J. Tanner's kits are not difficult and start with the simple purse. Likewise My Little Dreamer Loom Weaving kits and Wattle & Loop Stitching KIts are designed for beginners, are totally worthy of your wall space and won't end up in the third drawer down half-finished.

For an Earth Mother

Nature-loving mums may love lunch in your local gardens or may just to escape on a coastal or country drive. There are many books about nature, crafting and design in nature to choose from right now. Take a look at Fforest: Being, doing & making in nature by Sian Tucker or a home-loving mum Urban Sanctuary: The New Domestic Outdoors by Anna Johnson and Richard Black. Or book her a retreat for her and her bestie at a weekend retreat. After visiting Cradle Mountain recently, our personal pick would be a stay at the Pepper Cradle Mountain Lodge. Choose from 20 mins, 45 mins or 3-hour nature walks to literally clear her mind. Or maybe she's more into Australia's exhilarating, premier alpine walk - the 6 day Overland Track? Whichever she chooses she can put her feet up at the resort's own Day Spa.

For a Plant Parent Mum

Maybe mum's turned into one of those crazy plant parents and needs a bit of help re-potting her foster babies into new pots. You could gift her the pots and re-pot her Monstera. Fora Studios also has a great range of watering cans and she'll be chuffed to find you've bought her a quality one. Gardening tools and accessories such as gloves, boots and aprons are perfect also.

For a Mum with a Heart of Gold

If you're thinking of giving your mum, partner or wife jewellery for her birthday, then be sure to ask her good friend what sort of brand and designs she will like. Don't trust THAT ad on TV. Your mum is special, or you wouldn't be reading this.

Perfume is also difficult to choose for mum. Often women's hormones change after they've had kids so what they used to like they can't necessarily wear anymore. Going for a quality, botanical eau de toilette, cologne or perfume will have her loving fragrances again.  Why not give her one of Fora Studios' perfume discovery kits or travel size perfumes alongside a Fora Studios gift voucher which she can use for a  full price perfume. Better still, if you are in Sydney, you can book a perfume discovery event for her and her girlfriends. Just email with your request.

For a Geeky Mum

If mum loves games and puzzles as much as the kids but longs for something with less superheroes, Fora Studios' range of jigsaw puzzles should take her fancy. When you just don't know WHAT to get mum!

A gift voucher for a beauty treatment or massage never fails. It's nice to team it up with a beauty skincare pack or even a bar soaps from some of our exclusive natural and botanical brands such as La Corvette Marseille, Phebo Perfumaria, Granado Brazil.

For a Busy Mum

When all else fails, a candle works a treat. But, take note, folks, those smelly candles with dubious synthetic inclusions end up in the re-gifting cupboard or are unfortunately offered to the closest tweenie relative. Go for natural, holistic and botanical. We've got totally luxurious varieties from France including Laboratory Perfumes and candles to take you straight to the wilderness and National Parks with stunning candles by Paddy Wax and Australian brand Milligram. Your bookworm mum will love our Library Candles and garden lovers will enjoy the romantic but sensual aroma of Basilico Roxo (Purple Basil) from Phebo. All of our candles are hand-poured in beautiful vessels that are just as striking as the scent itself and can be upcycled and proudly re-used.