You are what you eat…and how you eat as well.

No matter where you are, help end single-use plastic in our environment while elevating your eating experience. Keep the risk of nasty viruses away too, by using your very own personal Akinod cutlery.

Akinod is a French company located in the region of Paris. The manufacturing process begins in Asia. Assembly, adjustment, buffing, sharpening, and customisation is then finished in Greater Paris, France. Quality control is very important and each piece is checked individually before it leaves.

Akinod is named for its intended purpose. H is for “hours”, so use the 12H34 magnetic range for lunch at the office, in the park, or at your favourite café.  Of course, you can use any Akinod cutlery model anywhere, anytime, even your next glamping trip.

Akinod's 12H34 knife, fork, and spoon stay together as one through clever design. They utilise magnets to keep them safe and neat as one. It's cutlery that’s easy to use, easy to wash, easy to store and carry.

The Olea europaea timber used on the Olivewood utensil set is from French and Spanish suppliers in full respect and compliance with best environmental standards and practices.

Stainless steel type 2CR14 for the straight and multifunction models and 3CR13 for the folding paring knife as they offer superior cutting edges, excellent corrosion resistance, and is designed for food use. They have a serrated blade for cutting food and never need sharpening. 

At only 122 grams, the 10cm long 12H34 set is a super lightweight with the best odds for helping your eat healthy and save the planet!

Use your Akinod during the day or night, give it a wipe clean, then take home for the full clean in the dishwasher ready for tomorrow.