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Easy like Sunday afternoon

Sunday Afternoons is not your average hat company. In 1982 its founders — young, idealistic, and full of energy — started their lives together on a mountain ranch in northern California. Before anyone knew what 'off the grid' actually meant they strived to "live out their dreams" off in harmony with the earth.

Ten years later, Robbin and Angeline formed Sunday Afternoons in honour of their favorite family downtime.  A brand was born! Initially offering outdoor hand-made blankets, when they decided to upcycled fabric remnants for sunhats, they struck a chord with outdoor-loving customers who asked for more styles and colors for their adventures. 


For almost 30 years Sunday Afternoons have fine-tuned their products and offered easy-to-clean, high-tech fabrics, upcycled and fully recycled options, felt winter hats, fashion straw hats, and kids play hats.

Always true to their earth-loving ethos, they emphasize giving back by supporting groups conserving natural wonder and improving communities for future generations.