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Mr and Mrs Redfries


The quirky German brand with the coolest cards around. Whenever Mrs Redfries sees a piece of blank paper, it’s bye-bye good mood and hello unsettling feeling!


Founded in Germany in 2014, Redfries is a vibrant and imaginative card and stationery range from graphic designers Daniela Rosenhammer and Stipe Dujmovic (aka Mrs & Mr Redfries). The Redfries collection of lovingly designed and high-quality greeting cards are sourced from sustainable forestry.


What is horror vacui?

A fear of empty space. Also known as kenophobia. In physics, horror vacui reflects Aristotle's idea that "nature abhors an empty space."

The same disturbing sensation that a traffic warden without a parking ticket,
an astronaut without zero gravity or indoor umbrellas would know all too well.
A gaping feeling of absolutely emptiness – the horror of the void.


Now whenever Mrs Redfries comes across a blank piece of paper, Mr Redfries is quick to act, plopping her down in front a huge selection of colours.

And soon, the nasty voids give way to small works of art and the horror vacui is successfully conquered once more, allowing Mr Redfries to breathe again. Phew!

As you know, there’s a lot of white paper out there.