ESSENTIAL PARFUMS | The Musc Sample Vial
ESSENTIAL PARFUMS | The Musc Sample Vial

ESSENTIAL PARFUMS | The Musc Sample Vial

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The Musc by Calice Becker

“I imagined this fragrance as a cloud of enveloping and comforting musk. A delicious musk blended with red ginger, lavender, a radiant floral heart and soft, woody tones of a sublime sandalwood album from Australia"

Calice Becker



At once fresh, honeyed, and warm, The Musc is a subtle blend of captivating scents. It opens with red ginger from Laos and natural lavandin grosso from France. Natural and sustainable beeswax brings a creamy sweetness to the heart, paired with a pure note of Nirvanolide musk. Australia’s natural sandalwood punctuates the blend with warm, woody tones.

Replanted 20 years ago, Australia’s Sandalwood Album provides Aboriginal communities with protection and sustainability for their land.

As a child, Calice Becker once asked her mother how flowers get inside a bottle of eau de cologne. The liquid inside was transparent, but it smelled strongly of orange blossoms. Once she started studying perfumery, she discovered the answer to this mystery, and today she herself fills crystal bottles with flowers.


"I like to add a dose of intrigue because nothing catches the attention of a touch of something unexpected"


One of the most respected perfumers in the world, Calice has created world-renowned fragrances such as Dior J’adore and other “chef-d'oeuvre” for YSL, Marc Jacobs and By Kilian.


2ml Eau de Parfum concentrated at 17%
Alcohol made of Beetroot
Without Coloring
88% Natural

Made in France

Olfactory description: Floral


Head Notes: Ginger
Heart Notes: Lavender, Australian Sandalwood
Base Notes: Beeswax, Musk


Ethical sourcing Red Ginger from Laos implementing a polycultural approach and natural Lavandin Grosso from France. Beeswax also from Laos allowed 2 secondary schools to be built and limit rural exodus. Australian Sandalwood promoting a sustainable supply of sandalwood oil that is harvested by Aboriginal communities in the southern part of Western Australia. A duo of premium synthetic musk (Nirvanolide and Serenolide, an exclusive floral captive from Givaudan) offers fresh, creamy notes as well as long-lastingness, with a subtle sweet facet. Musk was once a highly prized and expensive 

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