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When you look at the photo of young Rob and young Magnus, the Australian founders of Pacsafe, you get a real sense of how the outdoors and nature have shaped their creative business right up to now. It's hard to imagine that the Craig McLachlan look-a-like and his Ferris Bueller off-sider would end up being the two blue-shirts (well, one pink-shirt) in photo 2 opening their first Pacsafe store. 

But the two buddles' impressive inroads in ocean health and sustainability initiatives, especially around the endangered turtle populations is apparent in their love of the ocean. Pacsafe is one company leading the pack on sustainable supply chain materials. Their logo,  the sea turtle, symbolizes the intrepid, global traveller and Pacsafe are committed to supporting a world with healthy oceans and coastlines where all marine turtles, can travel and flourish in a safe environment.


 The Pacsafe Turtle Fund was launched in 2014 with the aim of supporting the conservation efforts of endangered sea turtles globally by providing annual grants to sea turtle conservation projects. Find out more about the Turtle Fund here.



Pacsafe is gear for the contemporary mover. Whether you are taking the bike up to the local cafe meeting a client with important docs or heading to the airport for a long-awaited sojourn. Pacsafe's ingenious design (not one daggy bumbag in sight) gives you not only peace of mind but options and comfort.

With over 50 billion plastic water bottles made each year, and 91% of them ending up in landfill, or the ocean, using recycled polyester helps combat this waste, reduces our dependence on crude oil, reduces freshwater used in the production chain, and reduces CO2 and other gas emissions.

Pacsafe's commitment to recycling is impressive. The use of recycled material to manufacture from 10% in 2019 to 35% in 2020. They're on track to take that number to 75% in 2021 and in 2025 there will be no virgin plastics used to make Pacsafe bags.