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You Gotta Know When to Fold Them⁠

Like Fora, Lemur Design don’t like to take themselves too seriously. They enjoy bringing humour into their work. It’s part of the way they intend their sustainable FOLD wallets, handbags and leather accessories to be discovered…with a smile.

LEMUR is a research & design studio, founded by the Danish Designer Nanna Ringsing and Portuguese Architect Fernando Vale. Their goal is to inspire you to look at the objects that surround you in new ways and to reveal that it’s possible to achieve more enthusiastic solutions. The kind of solutions that put a smile on your face!

LEMUR achieve this by taking an experimental but down-to-earth approach, always with the highest regard for functionality, proving that new approaches to the design of simple everyday objects are possible.

After making leather and ceramic products out of their Danish studio, they decided to take a COVID pivot leap and move their family and workshop to Portugal (Fernando’s home country). Setting up in a “Design Incubator” in the Municipal Matosinhos Food Market in Porto, Lemur feel like they’re finally home.⁠

Incubator indeed! They can literally hear roosters singing Fado while they work!

Why the veges in their portrait?, you ask…⁠Well, Fernando and Nanna decided to attack the market’s vegetable stands for props. Seems like a good fit, don’t you think?⁠

“Next time”, says Fernando, “we will go for the fish, who knows!...⁠

...We also wanted to have a portrait where the more you look, the more you notice new details and funny takes on our products”.