ANDREE JARDIN | MR & MRS CLYNK | Black Table Brush & Dustpan
ANDREE JARDIN | MR & MRS CLYNK | Black Table Brush & Dustpan

ANDREE JARDIN | MR & MRS CLYNK | Black Table Brush & Dustpan

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Black Dust

Whether you want to sweep up the kids’ crumbs or take your dinner parties to fine dining level and clean up between courses, this convenient set takes up little room but does a big job.

And its usefulness isn’t limited to the dining table. This set is perfect for indoor gardening to collect any potting mix that may have missed the pot.

Choose a colour to match your kitchen, table setting, studio or workshop. This matte black finish evokes style and simplicity.

Artsy and crafty types will also find these a boon. Keep a separate one handy to flick away eraser shreds from your drawing, sweep threads from your stitchwork, coral beads together and much more.

This set, part of a collaboration with French design studio Mr & Mrs Clynk, brings streamlined modern chic to a classic. It consists of a brush framed in sustainably cultivate beech, with bristles in a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Simply sweep crumbs and other particles into the lacquered metal tray and whisk them away. 

Presented in a gift box, this is an ideal gift for anyone whose enthusiasms sometimes get messy, including yourself.

Even the mundane act of sweeping up a surface can be a chance to reflect on the beauty of the materials and form. A small moment of grace and beauty in an ordinary day. 

Find out more about the inspriation behind this design collaboration here

Dimensions: 13cm (w) x 9cm (h) x 2cm (d)