8000 KICKS

The World's First Waterproof Hemp Running Shoe

8000 KICKS waterproof hemp backpack fora studios competition

What is Hemp?

taking a cutting from hemp plant

Hemp is actually the “sober cousin” of marijuana. It has a minimal amount of psychoactive components, and for that reason it is legal everywhere in the world.


Who is 8000 KICKS anyway?

Otila and Bernardo 8000 kicks hemp sustainability

Grandmother and grandson team Otilia and Bernardo, of 8000Kicks, spent months travelling the globe looking for the right growers of Hemp to guarantee a premium fabric that was not only strong, flexible, and durable, but also splash proof and dust proof.

In order to make this planet a better place, Bernardo and Otila took a 360º approach to define their own responsibility as a business. That meant empowering customers to opt-in for a more sustainable lifestyle by providing a superior eco-friendly footwear solution. It meant looking to their own footprint but also their supply partners' footprint, to minimize their carbon emissions. It means caring to protect the most needy members of our community, providing comfortable and durable hemp products as well utilising footwear, textile and engineering skills from their partners to create a worthy product.

Where are 8000 KICKS Explorer V2 sneakers made?

8000 kicks explorer shoes on lasting machine
8000 KICKS reduce their impact by working with their factory partners to increase the dependency on renewable energy sources. So far, their Portuguese factory uses 45% to 55% and their China factory uses 30% to 40% of clean energy sources but we keep looking at improving.

8000 KICKS invest in capturing CO2 with hemp farms and the plantation of trees. Every newly planted tree removes an average of 50 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere each year during its growth period of 20–50 years.

Why will I love my 8000 Kicks Sneakers?

Available in Black and White or Beige and Green, your Explorers are lightweight, waterproof and dustproof. Walk the dog along the beach or walk that trail in comfort with the need for big bulky hiking boots.

Explorers will suit your lifestyle and ease your mind. You'll be telling all your friends about the 8000 KICKS story.

Remember...listen to your grandma.