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The Essential Parfums Manifesto


"We believe that bringing back authenticity is ESSENTIAL. Who care about Kate, Giselle, or Kendall. Perfumers are our true stars"



Essential Parfums Manifesto Kendall Jenner


Bravery and authenticity drive Essential Parfums' refreshing manifesto. Close to Fora Studios' heart is the idea that the artisan and the ingredient is the star. They are the long-forgotten heroes who have up to now been swamped in marketing, ingredient budget constraints, image, licensing as well as brand considerations and costs.
The consumer is confused. Whereas once a brand was a symbol of trust, today's savvy consumer sees through it. Getting back to simple basics, back to quality, authenticity and affordable perfumery is a priority. Commitment to sustainability is the only way forward.

Essential Parfums story



With more than 25 years of experience in the fragrance industry, Essential Parfums was founded with a rebellious spirit and a mission to restore the essence of haute perfumery.

Essential Parfums grew from a simple approach: giving perfumers carte blanche to create, with no constraints or limits.

 "Create haute perfumery at an affordable price"


Essential Parfums partner with the best master and senior perfumers in the world, carefully sourcing the finest sustainable ingredients whenever possible, to be transformed into olfactory masterpieces. The result is a place to buy uniquely luxurious scents at an accessible price — all wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.


In order to share a true passion for the art of scent, Essential Parfums will always prioritise the fragrance itself.  While the industry's trappings of fancy bottles, advertising, and licensing fees have saturated the market and muddled the essence and perception of perfumery, Essential Parfums divert such funds towards sourcing the finest ingredients and utilising master perfumers 


As for the ingredients themselves, the costliness and complexity of working with naturals make them a far rarer find in the fragrance world, but Essential Parfums knows that it is are well worth the effort to produce perfumes that do justice to each note within. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, which is why they focus on a precious handful of natural ingredients over a cacophony of synthetics. 


A scent should speak for itself. Without the licensed celebrity brand names, the millions spent on advertising is instead funneled towards passionate craftspeople working with only worthy ingredients and who have the ability to do true justice to mother nature's sensory jewels.



Social and Environmental Sustainability in Beauty and Fragrance

Raw Materials sustainability Essential Parfums



Essential Parfums are thoughtful about the environmental impact of their perfumes, and therefore prioritise sustainability in everything, from start to finish.

Their perfumers focus on natural and sustainable raw materials that not only create powerful fragrances but also respect both local producers’ communities and the environment.

They use alcohol made of beetroot and do not add any coloring. Just like wine, the colour of your fragrance may vary depending on the harvest. Unlike many brands in the market, Essential Parfums fragrances are 86% to 93% natural.



Glass Bottles and Packaging


Essential Parfums sustainable glass bottles



Essential Parfums' glass supplier pursues a sustainable development policy by opting for solutions that minimize the environmental impact of the production processes and replacing gas emissions with electric furnaces.


Essential Parfums sustainable paper packaging

Paper packaging is FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council), promoting the practice of environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable forestry worldwide. It is fully recycled. No unnecessary plastic is used any on the outer packaging.