THE LITTLE GROWERS | Kids' Apron in Rust

THE LITTLE GROWERS | Kids' Apron in Rust

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We love The Little Growers' gorgeously cut and stitched aprons.

Join The Little Growers community of small garden grubs, to create connectivity, develop healthy habits and an understanding of the earth from a young age.

Apart from being fun for kids, the research tells us that, even more than weekend sports and activities, the more time young children kids spend growing, harvesting and understanding food, the better their health will be over their lifetime.

Your child's school or pre-school may already have a vegetable or herb garden. Why not take the leap and get them excited about growing their own at home. They may teach you something. You don't need a big backyard, just a few pots for herbs to start with, or some raised planters for vegetables on the balcony. 

Depending on your council, you could grow your own on your nature strip and get your street involved. Share food scraps and compost and eventually real food from the earth where you live. 

The Little Growers' aprons are machine washable and are made from a 70% linen, 30% cotton fibre blend.

Sizing best for Ages 3-7

Also available in Vege Garden Print