ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Chris Black Cotton Socks
ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Chris Black Cotton Socks
ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Chris Black Cotton Socks

ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Chris Black Cotton Socks

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These cotton socks are based on artwork by Chris Black from Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association. They will have you hemming your pants way high. Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association are an incorporated non-profit, Tiwi governed organisation that was established in 1989. Jilamara is in the remote aboriginal community of Milikapiti, overlooking the Arafura Sea, on the north coast of Melville Island, the larger of two Islands that make up the Tiwi Islands.


Cotton Socks
Size: 8-11
Made in Australia.


More about Chris Black

Chris Black was born at Milikapiti Community, where he has spent the majority of his life. He is part of a large clan, consisting of three main families – the Bush, Black and Brown family names make up the majority of the Miartuwee Clan.

Chris attended high school at Kormilda College in Darwin. On return to Milikapiti, Chris was nurtured by his Aminayi (Grandfather) Black Joe who was a renowned Tiwi artist. Chris remembers this wise old man very well. Black Joe was a great carver, artist, spear-maker and culture man who created Tiwi songs for Chris when he was young. When Chris attends ceremony with family he sings these songs that were given to him by Black Joe. The memory of his aminayi is the main influence on his arts practice today. Looking at old designs painted in his grandfather’s era inspires Chris greatly and gradually over time he has become one of the exciting emerging artists currently working at Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association.  

Also known as ‘Kojak’, he creates colourful compositions of jilamara (Tiwi body paint designs), various types of fish found around Melville Island and the Jarrangini (Buffalo). He paints his unique contemporary styles with natural earth pigments collected from around Milikapiti and processed by hand at the art centre. White and yellow ochre are collected and ground into a fine powder, the yellow is then cooked on an open fire into the red that make up the three main colours of the Tiwi palette. Chris’ unique style has caught the attention of many people in recent times and one of his limited-edition prints was recently licensed as a tattoo through the Copyright Agency ­– a poetic creative development that speaks to the body art (jilamara) foundations of Tiwi art making styles.   


More about Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association

Jilamara artists are renowned for producing innovative contemporary works based on traditional ceremonial body painting designs, clan totems and Tiwi creation stories. Artists work from a palette of natural ochres to produce paintings on linen, canvas, paper, printmaking, weaving, bark & carved wood. 

Over the course of three decades Jilamara artists have established themselves among the most recognised Indigenous artists nationally and internationally. With the support of the art centre, these artists have played a key role in cultural maintenance and renewal for the Tiwi people.

You can support the Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association directly by donating via their website 

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.