AB Hearts

Handpainting with their Hearts

AB Hearts is the affirmation Agua Bendita’s solid commitment made since day one towards the women who make Agua Bendita possible. One of Agua Bendita's main goals is improving their artisans skills and their way of life. Up to today they have been a fundamental part of the brand, and are responsible for their families living conditions. For this reason Agua Bendita focus their work in favour of the recognition of their capacities, abilities and talents in all their collections and will continue doing so.

Agua Bendita's overriding added value is given by hundreds of artisans who are are the faces behind Agua Bendita's unique beading. Each time you buy an AB piece, you’re buying more than just a swimsuit or resortwear. You have received a unique piece made through artisanal techniques, which have been passed from generation to generation. These are the AB Hearts.

These super talented artisans get to work from home while they take care of their children, with every purchase a contribute is made to our social responsibility program improving their living conditions.

AB's designers and local artists make each and every Agua Bendita print by sketching and painting. They hold a huge role inside the AB creative team being in charge of materializing products with embroidered details thereby increasing their value through the fine dedication they place into every single one of them.

You will always have a unique piece, it is part of Agua Bendita's DNA and they take pride in it! AB and their AB Hearts love handmade processes and handpaint with their hearts!