Cutting Edge



DEEJO was born from our desire to recapture the elegance of a timeless gesture from the past...the everyday pocket knife. We imagined it simple and light, ultralight, without compromising size, to carry with you only the pure essential: the pleasure of a perfect cut.

If you want to have your own little corner of nature in your pocket, this collection is made for you. Whether you are a hunter, a farmer, a fisherman, or simply enjoy nature, there is a DEEJO for you. Many DEEJO styles illustrate our attachment to nature’s diverse beauties and an appreciation for the arts -  perfect fit with FORA STUDIOS. 

Stephane Lebau and Luc Foin, French duo behind the DEEJO brand, bring a sense of elegance and personalisation to their ultra-light pocket knife. Luc loves objects imbued with emotion and story, which reflect a time, a passion or a rare moment. Deejo knives therefore are customisable: to one’s style, taste and mood. Playing on the finishes of a steel blade—in the matte reflections of titanium or the brilliant reflections of shining mirror—and a handle adorned with the wood of various species—from the deep blacks of ebony to the fine beige arabesque of olivewood—DEEJO knives inflect a new symbol of elegance, accompanied by a beautiful watch, an artisanal pen or a finely-crafted leather good

Whether you're using it to cut the kids’ lunch, open parcels, deadhead roses or sample just-ripened strawberries, it forges a satisfying and sensory experience. FORA STUDIOS stocks a great selection of Deejo knives in a variety of beautiful metals and etchings, timbers and weights.

Slip one into a bag or pocket and it’s ready to use anywhere, any time. A personal must-have and a brilliantly thoughtful gift that will make anyone feel like a well-prepped scout.