ISOLDA BRASIL | Men's TRISTAN Shirt in Cacao Guarana

ISOLDA BRASIL | Men's TRISTAN Shirt in Cacao Guarana

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Ripe Pickings

Loose fit and laidback styling meet tropical exuberance in this short-sleeved men’s shirt from Brazil’s Isolda label, destined to become a casual favourite.

It features vivid imagery of ripe, exotic fruits bursting from a white background, with contrasting white buttons. The images are so startlingly vivid and real, you can almost taste them. 

The Cocao Guarana story, like all Isolda designs, starts with a handpainted design that’s printed into breathable, comfortable cotton and sewn by hand. A labour of a love and treat for the senses, playing up the love of riotous nature and relaxed living that Australia shares with Brazil.

Sizes: P (Small), M (Medium), L (Large)

Materials: 100% cotton

Handmade and Printed in Brazil