BURGON & BALL | RHS Asteraceae Gardening Gloves
BURGON & BALL | RHS Asteraceae Gardening Gloves
BURGON & BALL | RHS Asteraceae Gardening Gloves
BURGON & BALL | RHS Asteraceae Gardening Gloves

BURGON & BALL | RHS Asteraceae Gardening Gloves

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As a treat for yourself or as a beautiful and thoughtful gardening gift, these lovely women’s gardening gloves bring a touch of RHS style to the garden.

Featuring a cushioned palm for comfort and protection, as well as a gathered wrist to prevent debris falling into them, these gardening gloves are soft to wear, but very tough and hardwearing. To keep them looking good, they are even machine washable at 30°C. With a degree of stretch to the gorgeously-printed fabric, one size fits (almost) all.

Let's face it a trip it's a long way to Kew Gardens or the Chelsea Garden Show.  Happily, this brand new Asteraceae print from the Royal Horticultural Society's RHS Gifts for Gardeners range helps fill the void for lovers of a traditional English aesthetic.

The new ‘Asteraceae’ design showcases blooms from the daisy family. These resilient flowers have a starring role to play in our gardens as summers last longer and autumns become warmer. They keep the colour going in a longer season, and also offer an important source of forage for pollinators when other flowers fade.

The elegant new design has been created by Burgon & Ball featuring illustrations dating illustrations dating from circa 1810, specially selected from the RHS Lindley Collections of historic botanical art. A soft sage green background is the perfect foil for the jewel-bright colours of the China aster and coreopsis.

It’s so gorgeous it could easily double as a statement vase for a small flower arrangement, but this piece has practical credentials, too. All-steel construction makes it durable but lightweight, while the elegant spout facilitates on-target watering — less spillage, less water waste. 

Even if your plot, balcony or window box will never rival Sissinghurst Castle Garden, don’t fret. There's plenty of inspiration this spring with Open Gardens Australia's season calendar. If you're not planning to stick to your home garden, escape to the Kew Gardens site and explore the world of plants and fungi from your sofa. (Gin and tonic optional.)

And if handling this watering can fosters a love of botanical illustration, why not give it a try? There's inspiration everywhere. You can find more about the history and process of this gentle artform here. The Australian National Botanic Garden maintains an amazing online library of our own native plants rendered in art.

Materials: Galvanised steel 

Dimensions: 37 x 21 x 13 cm

Capacity: 1 litre