Encouraging kids into the garden is the mission for Katrina and Jess, two enterprising mums whose sustainable business brainchild, The Little Growers, is delighting a new generation of human seedlings.

"Jess and I are both mums with 4 young kids between us and we noticed early on how beneficial being in the garden is for kids (and us!!) and this inspired us to start The Little Growers"

Sprouted on the Mornington Peninsula, The Little Growers offers a range of products and seeds aimed at teaching children the magic of mother earth, as they plant, tend to and watch fresh vegetables grow in their own backyards.

Focusing on ethical production and supply chain practices they take the time and effort to work with small batch, often family run businesses.

Join The Little Growers community of small garden grubs, to create connectivity, develop healthy habits and an understanding of the earth from a young age.