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Fragrant Memories

Ever feel like the days of luxurious perfume experiences are over? We are bombarded with millions of smells everyday, both synthetic and natural. It's difficult to take time and appreciate perfume as it once was. 

Even high-end brands can be found in your local chemist where service and knowledge are not a priority.

Fora Studios want to bring that glamour back to fragrance while offering you a range of carefully curated fragrance that espouse natural, holisitc and sustainabile practices, champion nature's flora and botanicals as well as the master perfumers who have lovingly created them.

Is Buying Perfume Online Safe?

Of course, we offer sample vials with most of our full-sized perfume orders, so that when you're safe in the knowledge that your can return the full size fragrance unopened if that scent doesn't suit you. 

Additionally,  you could try a perfume discover set or a small sample tester before you make your full-size purchase. If there's a fragrance without a sample vial, please contact us or add it in your cart's order notes and we'll make one up especially for you.

Fora even offer intimate events such as Perfume and Sensory Experiences. Take a trip to Sicily, to Brazil or Hawaii? With one beautifully fragrant bottle you will be transferred to a beautiful memory or a place in your imagination - without spending a cent on a plane ticket!