La Corvette Marseille


They take their artisanal soap very seriously in France, so much so that in the 17th century Louis  XIV issued a decree regulating which products could bear the coveted label of Marseille soap. And La Corvette is the creme de la creme. Beloved for generations, it’s the traditional choice for family use, from washing hands to laundering delicates. 

Set in the Carmes Valley of Marseille, in the picturesque region of Provence, La Corvette is one of the few savonneries (soapmakers) still producing Marseille soap the time-honoured way. The authentic simplicity of the recipe — using local olive and vegetable oils along with essential oils — fits the modern demand for an all-natural product that offers gentle but effective cleaning results. It’s still made in the traditional cauldron, which results in a particularly dense and long-lasting hard soap. Since its start in 1894, La Corvette’s range has expanded to also include liquid solutions for personal and household cleaning.

Presented in charming packaging that calls back to the brand’s history, La Corvette offers everyday essentials that are also lovely enough to give as gifts. It makes for a pleasant moment of luxury when you come in grimy and gritty from the garden or workshop, and wonderful way to feel a little French.