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"For us, to be good is expressed in 3 ways: making exceptional products, work ethically in all areas of production and be radically hospitable with our customers"
Tyler Deeb, founder

Tyler Deeb didn’t intend to start a product company. He left his salary job as an in-house graphic designer to pursue the world of free-lance. Jobs were coming in and he felt ready. But, as it’s known to go for people who choose this path, the carpet was ever beneath him waiting to be tugged.

One day Tyler showed up to his office and there was zero work to do. With a wife and two kids at home, he couldn’t be idle.  So, as a discipline for the mind and an opportunity to sharpen his skills, he began designing a single playing card, the jack of spades. It turned out pretty well, he thought. The next day he showed up and still no work. He designed the queen of spades. After three feverish months of this pattern, still workless, he had to his surprise finished designing an entire deck of playing cards.

By this time, he was flat broke. Totally broke. Like, his friend lent him $1,200 to keep his lights on and feed the family type of broke. He was working hard, but with no income to show for it. It was at this low point that he asked my officemates to help him put together a pitch video and launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce the playing cards he'd illustrated by happen-stance.


 Tyler asked for $6,250 to cover a minimum manufacturing order. He was completely ready for the project to fail. LIke many creative minds, he'd been cooped up, alone with this project for so long that he had no idea how people would react. 

Well, here we are reading Tyler's inspiring story so, he reached his goal. Actually, he reached his goal within 24 hours. By the end of the Kickstarter campaign he'd raised a remarkable amount of $146,000 US dollars.


Misc Goods Co. was launched...