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Fleur for Thought


After graduating in both Design and Fine Arts, designer Foekje Fleur found her way by making objects that are functional and yet, give space for thought. Her attractive and colorful designs seem playful at first sight but are in fact inspired by serious topics like environmental pollution.

Foekje spends most of her time in the studio in Rotterdam working on new projects. The porcelain vases available through FORA were inspired as part of the plastic soup project.

An area in the North Pacific Ocean, also known as ‘the great pacific garbage patch’, is characterized by exceptionally high concentrations of plastics that have been trapped there by the circulating currents. Plastic waste drifts there from all over the world, after floating down rivers into seas. Plastics, as we all know are not biodegradable; they only break down into smaller pieces called micro-plastics. These are extremely dangerous as they enter the food chain and threaten all kinds of species, including human beings.

Follow Foekje on instagram @foekje_fleur to see what she is up to from day to day.