Moon over Maui

Daniel Sullivan photography Haleakala Silversword Fora Studios

Years ago, I was lucky enough to witness a sunrise over Haleakala volcano in Maui. If you wanna feel as if you are on the moon without the price of a Virgin ticket to ride then consider Maui.

Fora Studios Sunrise Haleakala Maui Hawaii Daniel Sutherland photography
Aussies mistakenly associate many destinations with simply being honeymoon destinations. Maui’s one of them. Sure, I felt like a wallflower on the Maui waterfall and rainforest trek as well as there at the Haleakala sunrise, surrounded by smooching first and second honeymooners.
But Maui is a nature lovers' delight no matter what. Being 'slightly' fitter than I am now, the island's natural treasures were certainly more accessible off the honeymooners' beaten track, far away from the all-you-can-eat yoghurt bars of Kaanapali beach in Lahaina.
Fora Studios Maui Waterfall

Mount Haleakala was a spiritual experience I'll always cherish. After watching this awesome natural marvel (and I mean 'awesome' in a 17th Century way, not a Bill and Ted's 'excellent' kinda way), it was time to collect our bikes for a fresh morning clock-wise whirl down the mountain. It was only at that very moment that I realised, despite miles and miles of eardrum bursting spin classes at the gym, I hadn’t actually ridden a free-wheeling bike for at least 10 years!!

Fora Studios sunrise Haleakala
Speeding down the 10,000-foot mountain was tricky. Seeing only the dead-straight edge of the mountain road with a thick fog of cotton wool beyond made me light-headed & wobbly-legged. I didn’t know what proprioception was then. I like riding anti-clockwise for some reason so I kept imagining myself being unable to turn the handlebars, cycling in a straight line into the sky above the altostratus clouds, then hurtling downward disappearing in a puff of smoke, much like Coyote unfortunately did in the old Roadrunner cartoons.

Anyway, at the time I had no idea about the rare Haleakala Silversword plant which only grows on the summit of the Haleakala volcano. Silverswords can live for between 3 and 90+ years, & flowers only once, sending up a spectacular flowering stalk before dying &  scattering their drying seeds to the wind. An excellent reason to return to Hawaii one day.

Haleakala Maui Silversword Daniel Sullivan photography at night

That won't happy for a wee while yet. So, I'm so happy to have discovered Daniel Sullivan's photography and videos of the amazing island. One can waste $200 US flying over the volcano to see nothing but smoke. Daniel's videos, with the help of drones, are charged with so much energy as he captures close-up the spirit of Mother Nature.

It certainly helps to charge my motivation for a productively creative day...


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