Kintsugi: Why hide your flaws?

Learning to show vulnerability to access our best selves may need to start with not throwing away the everyday items around us, but showcasing their flaws and finding out how such flaws can become a positive feature.

Kintsugi Art Kintsugi Sydney

In the video, Alain de Botton's The School of Life shows us the history of Kintsugi.

Bonnie Kemske Kintsugi The Guardian

For a great read and to find out how to apply the technique check out Bonnie Kemske's new book. Bonnie, pictured above, talks about how Kintsugi helped her understand her brother's death.

"Kintsugi: The Poetic Mind".

Kintsugi the Poetic Mind by Bonnie Kemske
Bonnie Kemske booktopia Kintsugi

 Photo credits: @artkintsugisydney, Suki Dhanda/The Observer, The School of Life

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