NUTSCENE | Twine Ball Crimson Red
NUTSCENE | Twine Ball Crimson Red

NUTSCENE | Twine Ball Crimson Red

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Seen...Not Seen...Nutscene


Just a short drive away from the city of Dundee, in the rural county of Angus in Scotland, you'll find the locals employed at the Nutscene factory using the same machinery first used back in 1922, to produce their twines.
Nutscene's patented “Greentwist” centre pull lock tie spool of twine was first produced in this factory. When this wonderful green twine was used to tie up plants it was, of course, ‘not seen’ giving rise to “Nutscene!”

Today, Nutscene are very much in the crafters and gardeners spotlight, with an offering of 22 colours of Jute twine they've christened the twine fest!

Nutscene still focuses on producing its own range of high quality garden twines which are ethically sourced, from sustainable crops. Jute, in particular, is an environmentally beneficial crop. It's rain fed, fast growing , grows on wastelands and improves soil for future crops as well as sequestering CO2.

The offering of products has grown significantly since that first launch, and its popularity increases-across the globe.
Nutscene’s eclectic range of practical gifts utilises natural materials where possible, incorporating FSC wood, bidegradable jute and recycled cotton twines.


130 metre ball of Crimson Red Twine

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