MY LITTLE DREAMER |  REGALIA Beginner's Weaving Kit + Digital Tutorial

MY LITTLE DREAMER | REGALIA Beginner's Weaving Kit + Digital Tutorial

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Have you ever marvelled at the art of loom weaving?

There's a rich history and skill involved in the craft, which, despite industrialisation, has endured for centuries over many cultures. Believe it or not, once upon a time, such looms were considered as high-tech as your Samsung Galaxy 20 is now.

Why not start out with a smaller handloom. You can get the feel of the loom and understand what all the old technologies, like shuttles, actually do.

My Little Dreamer Studio's DIY Beginner Weavers Kits allow you to pick up this beautiful craft at your own pace. The package combo includes everything you need including fibres, tools, fully assembled loom and digital instruction book, so the project will never get to overwhelming for you.

You can still get as creative as you want to be as you'll be able to create your own patterns and textures, the options will be endless! Whatever you decide, the rich regal tones of the various textured REGALIA kit yarns will result in a truly sumptuous tapestry once complete.

Remember to post your finished project on Instagram using the hashtag #unfurlyourcreativenature and you may just find a free little gift in your next order :-)

The Kit includes:
44cm x 44cm Loom

Weavers Comb
Large Tapestry Needle
4 skein yarn
20mm rope
warp string

PLUS Digital PDF Tutorial "World of Weaving" for beginners

Due to COVID-19 some yarn colours are in short supply or have become unavailable. In this instance, the colour of yarn with be replaced with another yarn of the same texture and similar colour wherever possible.