LA CORVETTE MARSEILLE | 75 ml Olive Blossom Hand Cream

LA CORVETTE MARSEILLE | 75 ml Olive Blossom Hand Cream

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Olive a little

What with washing your hands after pottering about in the garden and before cooking in the kitchen, not to mention using heavy-duty sanitiser every time we enter or leave the shops these days, your poor paws are probably in need of rescue.

Let La Corvette’s hand balm with olive blossom extract restore them with the richness of 100-percent organic olive oil, vegetable glycerin and shea oil. This powerful trio act to ramp up the suppleness, hydration and elasticity in the upper layers of the epidermis. As a result, your hands are less likely to experience tiny cracks in the skin surface and the awful stinging sensation that comes with them. 

You’ll fall hard for the combo of velvety texture — soothing without feeling greasy — and the subtle but uplifting scent of olive blossom.

Certified paraben-free, EDTA free and silicone-free

Made in France