ISOLDA BRASIL | Pintuck Apron in Corals
ISOLDA BRASIL | Pintuck Apron in Corals

ISOLDA BRASIL | Pintuck Apron in Corals

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Chasing Coral

In sturdy, durable cotton, with 2% elastane for just enough of a comfy stretch, this high-coverage apron with waist and neck ties provides maximum splatter protection that makes it ideal for a Nigella inspired cook-off, rocking the wok on your lonesome, or harvesting the roses with your handy thorn stripper in hand.

A black base makes it chic and adaptable for any entertaining situation, while the tropical print evokes the languid ease of the tropics.

The story of this Isolda design begins with an original hand-painted image, hand-printed and hand-sewn in Brazil. The Corals print depicts vivid corals, sea creatures and swaying fronds playing across a black background.

It’s a visual summary of some of the most striking similarities between Australia and Brazil: our coral reefs, tropical climate and love of laidback indoor-outdoor living.

Match your Isolda apron with Isolda Corals Placemats.


MATERIALS: 98% Cotton, 2% elastane

Brazil's Coral Reefs

They say coral reefs are the rainforests of the ocean. Yet we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the bottom of the ocean. The Amazonian reef off the coast of Northern Brazil stretching up towards French Guiana is one the largest reef systems containing coral and sponge reef systems. It covers 9,300 square kilometers. Yet the reef was only officially discovered in 2016.

Discover the young explorers determined to shine a light on the reef's importance and its impending threat from profiteering oil explorers.