HOORAY HOOP | Ms Cappuccino Redhead DIY Ready-to-Craft Kit

HOORAY HOOP | Ms Cappuccino Redhead DIY Ready-to-Craft Kit

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"We redheads are a minority, we tend to notice each other - you know, and notice our identity"

Julianne Moore


There's a Ms or Mr Cappuccino in all of us. Any creative knows how important that first cup of coffee is, whether you're the type to linger over that first flat white as you plan your day in solitude, or sip your latte at your local before jumping on the morning train.

Creativity has to do with our ability to link ideas, entities and concepts in novel ways, whether that's writing a poem or cleverly coming  up with a new mathematical proof. This ability depends in part on the very thing that caffeine seeks to prevent: a wandering, unfocussed mind.

We all know Ms Cappuccino Redhead so this delightful kit is the perfect project or gift for a crafty caffeine lover.

Each kit contains:

♡ Hand-drawn pattern on calico cotton
♡ 20cm wooden hoop
♡ 6 stranded cotton embroidery threads
♡ 2x Needles
♡ Easy Picture Instructions

    You can watch Jo's Wattle tutorial Ms Cappuccino video here on YouTube to build up your confidence before starting. 

    Kits made in Victoria, Australia from imported products.


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