HAWS | BARTLEY BURBLER 2 Pint Sage Watering Can
HAWS | BARTLEY BURBLER 2 Pint Sage Watering Can

HAWS | BARTLEY BURBLER 2 Pint Sage Watering Can

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Have a quiet pint...or two

Just like you this summer, those indoor, balcony and patio plants are going to need a lot more attention to soil conditions and to getting their thirst met just right.  You'll need a small light-weight multi-purpose watering can that can do it all.

The HAWS  2 Pint BARTLEY BURBLER Watering Can model does exactly that. With its removable brass fine spray pot rose, it is ideal for larger pots as well as delicate seedlings.

Made from durable recyclable plastic in traditional styling and a choice of colours including this gorgeous Sage green worthy of any Country Style magazine cover. It makes the perfect present for any budding horticulturalist or Gardening Australia wannabe presenter. A great entry price for those aspiring to own the classic metal cans one day.

How much is 2 pints you ask?  1136.522 mls to be exact for a UK pint.

Remember not to overwater in summer. That's the biggest watering faux pas and the reason for many plant manslaughters. We know you don't mean it. Many plants just become bogged with water and roots rot. Use your finger to test the soil or invest in a soil moisture meter.

Engineered from premier grade, recyclable plastic for thick wall strength and long life

Dimensions: 28.5 x 10.5 x 21 cm

Weight when full: 1.2 Kg

Volume Capacity: 1136 mls