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Have a Pint

The Langley One Pint: no, not the name of a Sheffield pub but of a versatile and durable watering can with an equally handy price-point.

Ready to grow your own? Engineered from durable recyclable plastic in one solid injection-molded piece, this multi-purpose small watering vessel will be your versatile little helper.

The fine spray rose is perfect for gently and accurately watering seedlings and young plants, and can be easily removed for general watering duties.

Available in a choice of classic hues including this sharp blue. Pick a shade to contrast with or blend into your gardenscape and turn any task into a satisfying aesthetic experience.

You might easily be tempted to say, “Oh, go on, let’s have another pint,” but don’t overdo it. Learn to read your plants for signs that they need extra moisture (dry soil, brown leaf tips and wilting are some of the most common giveaways) and cut off drinks when they’ve had enough.

How much is one pint, you ask? Just over 500ml for the metrically minded. And the Langley weighs just 210g, so it’s an ergonomic choice that won’t weigh you down.

Material:  Recycle plastic

Dimensions: 305 x12 x12cm

Capacity: 474ml

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