GROWLERWERKS | uKeg GO 128 oz Tungsten
GROWLERWERKS | uKeg GO 128 oz Tungsten
GROWLERWERKS | uKeg GO 128 oz Tungsten
GROWLERWERKS | uKeg GO 128 oz Tungsten
GROWLERWERKS | uKeg GO 128 oz Tungsten

GROWLERWERKS | uKeg GO 128 oz Tungsten

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Home Brew

"Malt is the soul of beer, hops is the personality, and yeast is the heart"


Share your very own craft beer tasting experience wherever you are. You'll find yourself using the convenient Growlerwerks uKeg GO 128 oz growler to go, at home or at a friend's. That's a full gallon, 3.8 litres or, cutting to the chase, 8-10 glasses.

Why growler beer uKeg makes a perfect gift?

U Keg GO 128 is perfect when you want to treat yourself to a crafty gift or offer something to home brewer or lover of craft beers.

The uKeg 128 growler is not just for guys, and not just for beer. Bring homemade soda water on picnics with the kids, enjoy your kombucha of a morning, or slowly sip your favourite tipple on the weekends.


Can growler beer go off?

Growlerwerks original uKeg GO  128 oz keeps craft beer, or regular beer, crisply cold and fresh. Your beer stays carbonated for two whole weeks, and crisply cold for 8 hours.

The uKeg has a durable, double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel shell and a CO2 regulator cap with a gauge and tap handle that's even customisable. You'll receive your growler with co2 cartridges, so you can enjoy that first beverage right away.


How do I use the uKeg Growler?

Still not sure about the Growler? Click the video below and check out the Growlerwerks guys from Portland Oregon showing you how to set and enjoy your uKeg.


Growlerwerks how to video


The 128-ounce uKeg Go is the "GO BIG OR GO HOME" version of the most convenient, most affordable, most "go anywhere" growler yet. Delivering the core freshness functionality of the original uKeg, in a vessel optimized for quenching thirsts on the go. Durable, lightweight, easy to use, and ready to rock! Available in Chili, Tungsten or Midnight colour.


  • Patented carbonation system automatically maintains freshness and optimal carbonation for weeks
  • Streamlined regulator cap allows you to choose high or low carbonation setting to match the beverage you're serving
  • Double-wall stainless steel vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold all-day
  • Durable powder-coated finish and rubber footing provide extra protection against dents and scratches
  • 3-position dispenser tap provides easy pouring and storing with locked, unlocked, and pour positions
  • Uses low cost, food-grade CO2 cartridges - NOT INCLUDED (except where noted)


Colour: Tungsten (Dark Grey)
128 oz or 3.78L
56.7in x 7.6in x 11.7in (170mm x 193mm x 297mm)
Weight: 4.4lbs or 2kg
Requires: one 16 gram food-grade CO2 cartridge per use available here
Contents: uKeg Go, manual, protective shipping bag


Shipping Cost: Free within Australia.