GARDEN TRADING | Tapered Jute Hanging Plant Pot

GARDEN TRADING | Tapered Jute Hanging Plant Pot

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Tapered Love

It doesn't matter how small your house, flat or apartment is, you can create your own Gardens of Babylon-style indoor jungle throughout your home using the natural jute Hanging Plant Pots. 

The combination of natural tones and chlorophyll-green looks stunning when clustered together in the corner of a kitchen, patio, balcony or even bathroom.

Jute particularly suits the wild indoor jungle theme and marries beautifully with maidenhair ferns and trailing plants. Peperomia, a string of pearls and spider plants are just a few examples.

Or try a pop of colour by adding nasturtiums in the mix. Bright...and edible too!

Just remember to speak to your local nursery and ensure you choose the right plant for the right pot and location. Indoor trailing or hanging plants need bright light and high humidity. Try to keep them away from the dry air conditioning blast. Water plants when they are dry and avoid letting water sit in saucers.

Don't forget your liquid indoor plant food, a good potting mix and re-pot plants when they become oversized for their pot. You may also want to move plants to a brighter spot or outside for a little while if you've parked them in a slightly shady spot.

Features an internal PVC liner to pot plants, herbs and flowers in and water with ease.

Top 20cm dia, Base: 25cm dia x 14cm h (container), 90cm h (hanging rope)
exact dimensions may vary due to the handwoven nature of the product


Crafted in Jute

Weight limit: 5 Kg
Indoor use
Ceiling fixings not supplied





If you're going for a natural look with your indoor jungle, jute is the answer. Jute is a vegetable fibre, easy to produce, really sturdy, and biodegradable so it's the perfect material for making pots.

The best thing about jute is it uses way less water to produce, and the production of jute is much more eco-friendly than any other fabric.

These 3 pots come in three different sizes and are handwoven and feature a subtle woven criss-cross appearance. Your plants will stand tall whether they are neatly arranged together on a plant stand or shelf, or displayed separately around the house.

Two handles on either side give you an added functionality making your plants easy to move around the house for best seasonal lighting conditions.

Each pot comes with a central PVC liner to avoid leakage and keep plants hydrated.


Small pot:  12cm dia, 10cm h
Medium pot: 14cmm dia, 12 cm h
Large pot: 16cm dia, 14cm h