FILT |  Long Handle Net Shopping Bag Scout Green

FILT | Long Handle Net Shopping Bag Scout Green

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Adults people toasting to the banning of plastic shopping bags

Ducking off to the supermarket in your lunch break? Or just toasting with friends to the death of the plastic shopping bag? The camouflage hue of the Scout Green Filt long-handled net bag is perfect for the stealth shopper. In and out in a flash. A wizard at the Self-Service aisle. Others watch you in envy as you get on with your day, unburdened by those giant noncompostable "eco" bags.

Carry everything from groceries to beach gear with an extra touch of old-fashioned charm courtesy of this gorgeous cotton mesh Net Bag from Filt. Get about $80 worth of shopping in the large one. No really...

Compact and reusable, the Filt Net Bag is made from 100% knitted, mesh cotton that takes up next-to-no-space in your bag or car. Then the moment you need it, this nifty bag transforms like magic to tote bundles of fruit, vegetables and other groceries home from the market.

Woven in France as part of a centuries-long tradition, Filt market bags have been used for generations and promise to stand the test of time.

Each bag is strong, expandable, practical, sustainable and ecological. The cotton fibres are naturally dyed using Oeko-Tex 100 standards then knitted and stitched in Caen, France.

With roots in Normandy stretching back to the 17th century, Filt has a rich history in weaving. Their experience in making nets for fishing, sports and hammocks has helped make their authentic filet a provisions net shopping bags an enduring icon of sustainability and classic style.

The net shopping bags used by generations gone by have made a resurgence of late, but the quality and care with which they are made remains unchanged after all these years.


Composition: 100% cotton
Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm
Can be machine washed in cold water.

Made in Normandy, France