EZYFIZZ | 10 pack 8g Co2 Soda Chargers
EZYFIZZ | 10 pack 8g Co2 Soda Chargers
EZYFIZZ | 10 pack 8g Co2 Soda Chargers

EZYFIZZ | 10 pack 8g Co2 Soda Chargers

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Convenient packs of 10 Premium Food Grade Co2 canisters, for use with the stunning GrowlerWerks uKeg's. 

8g Co2 canisters are suitable for the GROWLERWERKS uKeg 64 models.

Contents: 10 individual 8g gas chargers

Made in Hungary



Use a 16g Co2 canister for your uKeg 128 Model 

We regretfully cannot offer Express Post outside New South Wales for the 10 pack chargers. Please select Parcel Post for road transport. 


Why growler beer uKeg makes a perfect gift?

Give uKeg 64 as a perfect Father's Day, birthday or Christmas gift. Better still the uKeg 64 growler is not just for guys, and not just for beer. Bring homemade soda water on picnics with the kids, enjoy your kombucha of a morning, or slowly sip your favourite tipple at the end of your long day.


Can growler beer go off?

Growlerwerks original uKeg 64 keeps craft beer, or regular beer, crisply cold and fresh. Your beer stays carbonated for two whole weeks, and crisply cold for 8 hours.

The uKeg 64 has a durable, double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel shell and a CO2 regulator cap with a gauge and tap handle that's even customisable. You'll receive your growler with co2 cartridges, so you can enjoy that first beverage right away.


How do I use the uKeg Growler?

Still not sure about the Growler? Click the video below and check out the Growlerwerks guys from Portland Oregon showing you how to set and enjoy your uKeg.


Growlerwerks how to video




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