DEEJO |15g PACIFIC Keychain Pocket Knife

DEEJO |15g PACIFIC Keychain Pocket Knife

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There’s no time like island time… You know, the state where clocks stand still and there isn’t as much as a ping on your phone to interrupt the back-to-nature serenity.

We can’t whisk you away to your own personal tropical paradise, sadly. Instead, we suggest carrying this DEEJO pocket knife with intricate motifs reminiscent of traditional Islander tattooing. It fosters a sense of rugged, castaway self-sufficiency, even if you’re just using it to open Fora parcels rather than build a shelter from scratch.

DEEJO refers to the beautifully wrought etchings on the surface of their blades as ‘tattoos’. This embellishment is just one step in a time-consuming process designed for enduring quality in design and execution.

Sharp but safe, this folding blade celebrates the artistry of the forge in its purest form, while its lightness in the hand and pocket or on a belt makes it easy to put it on a keychain and take it anywhere and everywhere. In fact, DEEJO founder Stephane Lebeau chooses the 15g as his own reliable pocket pal.

Materials: 420 stainless steel

Dimensions: 7cm (closed), 12.5cm (open), 6cm blade, 0.8cm thick

Forged from high-grade stainless steel by expert metalsmiths in China, each DEEJO knife is designed, tattooed and assembled in Deejo’s Paris workshop.  Find out more about the brand’s founders, their studio and the production process here.

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