DEEJO | 15g TREE Keychain Pocket Knife

DEEJO | 15g TREE Keychain Pocket Knife

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“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky…” Kahlil Gibran

Tree-huggers and nature lovers, listen closely. With a motif inspired by Yingarna, the earth mother figure in Arnhem Land's creation myth, this featherlight 15g pocket knife will inspire even the most avid urbanite to spend time surrounded by nature and plants. There, they’ll discover that creativity begins to unfurls only once we spend time being still.

Deejo refers to the beautifully wrought laser etchings on the surface of its blades as ‘tattoos’. This embellishment is just one step in a time-consuming process designed for enduring quality in design and execution.

Sharp but safe, this folding blade celebrates the artistry of the forge in its purest form, while its lightness in the hand and pocket makes it easy to put it on a keychain and take it anywhere and everywhere. In fact, Deejo founder Stephane Lebeau chooses the 15g as his own reliable pocket pal.

Materials: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 7cm (closed), 12.5cm (open), 6cm blade, 0.8cm thick

Forged from high-grade stainless steel by expert metalsmiths in China, each DEEJO knife is designed, tattooed and assembled in Deejo’s Paris workshop.  Find out more about the brand’s founders, their studio and the production process here.

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