RHS Stainless Steel Widger | BURGON & BALL

RHS Stainless Steel Widger | BURGON & BALL

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The Widgers

Burgon and Ball's stainless steel widger is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, perhaps the ultimate accolade in the gardening world.

This unique little tool is best described as a cross between a trowel and a dibber, and it's the perfect size and shape for all kinds of potting shed jobs. It's brilliant for levering plants out of pots and comes in handy when planting seeds and seedlings.

The polished stainless steel finish is highly resistant to rust, so it'll stay bright and shiny for years to come. A sturdy leather hanging cord allows for tidy storage.


Dimensions: Overall length 33cm xMaximum width of head 3cm

Handle: 100% FSC-certified hardwood

Head: stainless steel

Hanging cord: leather

Weight: 166g