BITTI GITTI | The Wooden Sound System Kink Pink

BITTI GITTI | The Wooden Sound System Kink Pink

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the Wooden Sound System - Volume level test from Bitti Gitti on Vimeo.

Show off your Kink Pink Bitti Gitti at the park with friends or admire gorgeous pink hue as you listen to your gripping true crime podcast.

This Wooden sound system is a handcrafted smartphone amplifier made from prime quality birchwood. It increases sound volume by an average of 25 dB’s and widens tonal range. ‍ Design combined with engineering has led to a breakthrough product, handcrafted and perfect for use in the home, office and travel. 

This sound system comes beautiful packaged in a protective travel pouch

The Designer

Erbil Sivaalioglu designs from his home/studio in Istanbul Turkey. Watch his inspiring video about his creativity process here.

Dimensions 17.5 x 10 x 4.8 cm


Made in Istanbul.