BASE | Shampoo Bar Soap

BASE | Shampoo Bar Soap

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Our family, our community, our planet, we are all connected. Social enterprise empowers you to find change within Australian communities.

With a lovely citrus/mint scent and the moisturising addition of rich shea butter, this solid shampoo bar works well on all hair types and will leave your hair feeling clean and nourished.

This bar is made with natural ingredients and is palm oil free. 100% ethically sourced and produced.



Saponified olive, coconut and castor oils, shea butter, glycerol, orange and peppermint essential oils.

Close to FORA's heart, BASE SOAP's inspiration is the Australian landscape and people, celebrating our environmental diversity. Their aim to be kind to the environment, leave a small footprint, use all natural ingredients and source sustainable packaging.


BASE SOAP products are handcrafted in Australia. They are natural, vegan and cruelty free. The result is a range that works hard and is gentle on your skin.


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