ANDREE JARDIN | Tradition Table Brush

ANDREE JARDIN | Tradition Table Brush

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Sweep up to new heights

Tradition duster in sanded beech and black horsehair, ergonomic shape, good grip. Gently dusts.

With its curved shape and high-quality horsehair, the traditional duster gently removes dust from every nook and cranny. The corners of door panels or the sculpted reliefs are brushed gently.

This “ traditional duster” is made in the Nantes region.  by Andree Jardin, one of the last local brush factories with the EPV Living Heritage Company label.

The sanded beech handle is ergonomic. It allows a good grip. The length of the horsehair ensures flexibility of dusting even in hard-to-reach places (such as stair bars). This brush is a reissue of an old model used by bakers and millers...


The Table Brush is also perfect for indoor gardening to collect any potting mix that may have missed the pot, for camping, for cleaning croissant crumbs out of your keyboard.

Artsy and crafty types will also find these a boon. Keep a separate one handy to flick away eraser shreds from your drawing, sweep threads from your stitchwork, coral beads together and much more.

This is an ideal gift for anyone whose enthusiasms sometimes get messy, including yourself.

Even the mundane act of sweeping up a surface can be a chance to reflect on the beauty of the materials and form. A small moment of grace and beauty in an ordinary day. 

Dimensions: 26 (w) x 9.5cm (h) x 3.5cm (d)

100% natural materials - French beech and black horsehair.