ANDREE JARDIN | Sage & Basil Olive Oil Dishwashing Bar Soap

ANDREE JARDIN | Sage & Basil Olive Oil Dishwashing Bar Soap

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Raise the bar

In the 17th century, King Louis XIV decreed that only soap made from pure olive oil could be branded as Marseille — that’s how seriously the French take their soap.

Complementing the ever-reliable Andree Jardin dishwashing brush is this deliciously fresh-scented Sage & Basil dish bar soap.

If you are ready to switch from plastic packaged liquid soap to bar soap for dishwashing or household cleaning, make sure you choose a good quality one that is a pleasure to work with. It'll take the mundane out of the task and save your hands too.

Use it with your brush in the kitchen or for cleaning plant pots, tools, and the like.

Andrée Jardin has been making French home essentials that are as beautiful as they are useful for over 70 years, and this certified organic bar soap is no exception. It deep cleans and degreases without leaving any residue.

Size: 250 g

Made in  France