ANDREE JARDIN | Wine Carafe Brush
ANDREE JARDIN | Wine Carafe Brush

ANDREE JARDIN | Wine Carafe Brush

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Brush it off

Aah, that satisfaction of something that so performs its task perfectly. A simple yet specialised tool that does a job and does it well. Get right to the bottom of planters, bottles, carafes, vases and jars with this artisanal brush that’s still crafted the same way it was produced a hundred years ago.

The flexible stainless steel frame bend to get into every nook and cranny, while the long bristles protect delicate glassware and ceramics as they scrub. Hang it by the loop and it’s ready for action. Sling a linen tea towel over your shoulder and pretend you’re a worldly-wise proprietor of a 1940s French bistro who’s seen it all. Minus the cigarette smoke.

This the perfect gift to give with a set of glassware or a beautiful flower arrangement, or to celebrate a new kitchen. Tie a gift tag to the loop and you’re all set to impress.

Materials: Stainless steel, natural fibres