ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Nora Davidson Tote Bag

ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Nora Davidson Tote Bag

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Here at Fora, we celebrate nature and the myriad of colours it embues.

Nora Davidson's artwork is proudly colourful and bold. Using this lightweight and well-sixed tote bag will have you mesmerised by the shimmering planes of colour, rich hues, light effects and her delicate dotwork.

Nora's works are inspired by the stories of her country which were passed down to her by elders in her community. Most of Nora's body of work explores and reflects her love of the themes of her country, Illurrpa, her ancestor's way of life and her own traditional bush upbringing.

Through Nora's skill, technique and deep understanding of the medium she allows the us profound insight into her family's heritage as well as an education and knowledge of the land.


Nora Davidson, Mamangku Ngurra

Nora Davidson was born in 1955 in Multju near the community of Jameson where her family are the custodians of the story for the area of Illurrpa. Nora was brought up in a traditional bush life and is a proud speaker of Ngaanyatjarra language.

She currently lives with her family in the Papulankutja Community (Blackstone), a remote Aboriginal Community, located at the foothills of the Blackstone Ranges in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia. 

Papulankutja Artists evolved out of the Women’s Centre where painting has been encouraged as an activity since 2001. Once registered as an Aboriginal Corporation in 2004 the artists were now able to govern their art centre independently. 

In 2009 Papulankutja Artists moved into a purpose built art centre with rooms for men and women to paint. As well as their paintings Papulankutja Artists are known for their innovative fibre work and carvings from local wood. 

Cotton Tote Bag
All over Print. 
Print  placement will vary between bags and from image shown.
Made in Australia
Dimensions (Approx): 
Bag: 40cm x 40cm.
Base Gusset: 16cm
Handles: 60cm

Based on artwork by Nora Davidson from Papulankutja Artists located at Blackstone, Western Australia.
Includes information about the artist and artwork.