ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Fiona Puruntatemeri 'Jilimara' Tea Towel

ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Fiona Puruntatemeri 'Jilimara' Tea Towel

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As the textiles renaissance takes place, the role of the tea towel begins to shift. Not just a gift for your great aunty overseas, these amazing designs from esteemed Aboriginal artist deserves pride of place in our own lives, whether it's hanging as a focal centrepiece on your living room wall, used as a thoughtful and sustainable gift wrapping alternative, or to dry and shine up your delicate teacups or wine glasses.

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.

Cotton Tea Towel
Made in Australia
Dimensions: 45cm x 75cm (approx)
Tea towel artwork/placement varies from tea towel to tea towel so each one is a little bit different.

Based on artwork by Fiona Puruntatameri from Munupi Arts & Craft Association (Tiwi Islands).

Includes information about the artist and artwork.


Munupi Arts & Crafts Association is located along Melville Islands north-western coastline at Pirlangimpi (Garden Point) and is the most recently formed art centre on the Tiwi Islands. In 1990 the Yikikini Women’s Centre and Pirlangimpi Pottery were incorporated under the name Munupi Arts and Crafts Association giving local artists an opportunity to proudly celebrate Tiwi culture through both traditional and contemporary mediums.

Drawing inspiration from their natural lush environment and Tiwi creation stories, Munupi artists employ ochres, gouache and acrylic paint. Munupi Arts and Crafts are also highly regarded for the diversity of their range of works including painting, pottery, carving, weaving, screen prints, etchings, linocut prints, lithographs and screen printed textiles.