ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Alana Ngwarraye  Holmes Tea Towel

ALPERSTEIN DESIGNS | Alana Ngwarraye Holmes Tea Towel

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“This is my country. I paint because I enjoy painting. My Mother, Edie Holmes let us paint with her when we were young and now we paint all the time. We still paint and talk together in a family group with our kids.” – Alana Holmes


As the textiles renaissance takes place, the role of the tea towel begins to shift. Not just a gift for your great aunty overseas, these amazing designs from esteemed Aboriginal artist deserves pride of place in our own lives, whether it's hanging as a focal centrepiece on your living room wall, used as a thoughtful and sustainable gift wrapping alternative, or to dry and shine up your delicate teacups or wine glasses.


Made in Australia
Dimensions: 45cm x 75cm (approx)

The community of Ampilatwatja made a conscious decision not to paint altyerr dreaming stories. The artists paint their country where those stories sit.

Alana has painted her country after rain where the ground may seem dry but the flowers and trees are green and growing strong. 


My Country Alana Holmes

Alana's mother Edie Holmes is a well known artist of Ampilatwatja, who taught Alana how to paint when she was a young child.

Like many mums, Alana is extremely busy with four children to look after and though she loves to paint she does not get the time to paint like she used to.


Based on the artwork by Alana Holmes.
Includes information about the artist and artwork.


Australian Made