What We're Reading


We are loving the new independent magazines coming out of the UK. There are a few titles here in Oz that are pretty good too. All listed below.


Books and Guides

Book continue to be a inspiration for craft, outdoors adventure, gardening or history.

Visit your library

Not able to afford books all the time or even the space for them in our two bed house is an issue, so I love to go to my local library. and explore those around Sydney.  Boy, have they changed since I was a kid. I remember flyaways hair and electric shocks every time I walked across the 100% orange nylon carpet. Kids just don't have that sort of fun anymore. Opening the reference file pocket sized drawer was a sensory experience of the olfactory kind. 

So, here's a list of the books on my radar.

Epic Bike Rides of the World
Lonely Planet, 2016


You don't have to wear a full lycra kit to see the world on a bike. This Lonely Planet guide has everything from easy-going family-friendly rides and urban sightseeing routes to epic adventures off the beaten track. You may never plan to do the rides but somehow find that behind the shrubs and walls of your local route there is something more to discover.

The budding biker to the committed cyclist shouldn't be without this guide. I am by no means an avid rider anymore, but two rides that changed my view of nature and my place in it were in the Mount Haleakula ride in Maui and around Cusco, Peru (with limited oxygen). Check out my sometimes hair raising yet rich experiences in the Fora Files blog.