Fora x Sydney Electric Bikes Competition and Giveaway

Thousand Helmets Sydney Electric Bikes Fora Studios Dog

🤨A note to all you 🍉melon heads from Whiskey...🐶⁠

"Ello. My name's Whiskey. Have you joined the Fora Self-Preservation Society yet then? Spring is 'ere and you melon heads better get the proper gear on!⁠

Hang on a minute lads and ladies...I got a great idea. There's a stash of Thousand 'elmets at Fora Studios. We're gonna raid the place. We'll get through it if we work as a team. That means you do everything I say!⁠

Order your 'elmet NOW and we'll make 'em pay $10 from EACH 'elmet to Assistance Dogs Australia.

Bugger it, we'll demand you get your shipping for nothin'. So use the DIscount Code
SPSOCIETY if you buy online, alright?

While you're there grab your FREE Cavallini Bicycle Blueprint Poster. It's worth $12.95.
Not only that, but you'll go into the draw to win a $300 Sydney Electric Bikes gift voucher to spend at their Engadine workshop.

We'll all come out winning with this job!!

Go on then!...or go online."⁠


100% carbon positive
Heritage Creme Strip Thousand Bike Helmet

Bike Poster Blueprint

Look great and keep your "noggin" safe while cycling or skateboarding even WITH a helmet on. Look at Whiskey, he's the proof.⁠
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